Impact Bars & Beds

Impact Bars

Impact Bars are used in the materials loading area of a conveyor system to replace the impact idler rollers with the aim of reducing costs.

Maintenance of impact rollers is reduced, belt damage is minimised, whilst belt life is extended. Additionally, shocks transmitted to the conveyor system are reduced.


The top layer consists of highly impact resistant UHMWPE with very low sliding friction.

The base layer is a highly elastic rubber compound to absorb the material impact.

Vulcanised into the rubber base is an aluminium T-Track facilitating the fastening of the impact bar onto the cradle frame at any number or locations.


Part No. (Without Bolts) Part No. (With T-Bolts) Height (mm) Width (mm) Length (mm)
IBAR-050-1250 IBAR-050-1250 50mm 100mm 1250mm
IBAR-050-1524 IBAR-050-1524-5TB 50mm 100mm 1524mm
IBAR-050-1800 IBAR-050-1800-6TB 50mm 100mm 1800mm
IBAR-075-1524 IBAR-075-1524-5TB 75mm 100mm 1524mm
IBAR-075-1800 IBAR-075-1800-6TB 75mm 100mm 1800mm


Colour Blue
Tensile Strength 44 N/mm2
Coefficient of Friction 0.03
Hardness 63~90° Shore-D
Elongation at Break 50%
Rubber Base
Colour Black
Tensile Strength 15 MPa
Hardness 65° Shore-A
Elongation at Break 500%

Impact Beds

Impact Beds are available to size and specification.

  • Other size bars up to 1800mm long are available.
  • Impact bars can be easily cut to shorter lengths as required.
  • Impact Bars are supplied with appropriate M16 T-Bolts for mounting the bar to the impact bed.

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