Conveyor Belting

Waminco supplies a wide range of conveyor belting for mining, quarrying and other industrial applications.

Polyester Nylon

PN (Polyester Nylon) conveyor belt is constructed from high grade rubber, reinforced with grade specific cloth, utilising Polyester fibres in the warp (lengthwise) and Nylon fibres in the weft (across). The homogeneous rubber top & bottom covers the belt completely.

PN belting is general purpose belting.

  • The carcass determines the tensile strength of the belt, hence determining the load that a belt can carry.
  • The covers determine the resistance of the belt to impact, wear, abrasion, heat, oils, mild acids & alkalis and other atmospheric conditions.

Conventional Conveyor Belting Carcass Sizes

Waminco can supply these conventional carcasses with a range of top & bottom covers. We stock a comprehensive range of standard widths with common covers, as well as popular non-standard combinations.

Carcass Fabric Type Nominal Tensile Strength kN per Metre of Width Elongation At Break Belt Width
2 Ply 3 Ply 4 Ply
PN80 160 240 - > 10% 300mm To 2400mm
PN100 200 300 400 > 10% 300mm To 2400mm
PN125 250 375 500 > 10% 300mm To 2400mm
PN150 300 450 600 > 10% 300mm To 2400mm
PN200 - 600 800 > 10% 300mm To 2400mm
PN250 - 750 1000 > 10% 300mm To 2400mm
PN300 - 900 1200 > 10% 300mm To 2400mm

Cover Grades

Waminco can supply belting with covers to suit your applications. Covers typically conform to AS1332 or DIN22102.

Grade Application
AS1332 N General Purpose. Impact and abrasion resistant.
AS1332 M General Purpose. Heavy abrasion and heavy impact resistant. For use in more arduous applications than N grade.

Custom Order Belting

Waminco can order custom and special belting to your requirements, including, but not limited to, the following special configurations.

Grade Application
CFW Crows Foot Weave
Superior Rip & Tear Resistance
SM Steel Mesh
Rip Stop Steel Mesh imbedded in the top cover to resist Longitudinal cutting and tearing
ST Steel Cord belts
Conveyor Belting Product References

AS1332 N Grade | AS1332 M Grade | PN450/3 | PN600/3 | PN600/4 | PN800/4 | Crows Foot Weave | CFW

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